Micro Finance

Deposit Description int. Rate
Group Saving It's Mandatory Deposit for all group member, minimum Rs.100/-, withdraw after group resignation only. 7
Personal Saving Applicable for all Group members it's not mandatory. Member can deposit and withdraw amount as per their requirement. 8
Pension Saving It's optional saving for all group members. Minimum Rs.50/- and maximum unlimited amount, withdraw after group resignation only 13
Unit Fund Saving Member who borrow loan she has to deposit 5% amount of disbursed loan. Withdraw after group resignation only. 7
Jeevan tatha Aawas Saving It's an insurance scheme. All members must deposit Rs.50/- yearly. amount will not refunded but it covers certain insurance facilities like pregnancy, fire caught allowances 0
Upkar Kosh Saving It's conditional deposit scheme for center meeting. Members must deposit some amount as per rule of center. 6
Aawash Saving It's mandatory deposit for those members who borrow housing loan she must deposit 10% amount of disbursed loan if lone size is more than Rs.60000/- only. 6
Grihani Saving It's design for all group members to enhance their saving behavior. It's not mandatory but member can deposit minimum Rs.1000/- they can withdraw as per their requirement. 8
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